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"Global Verde Media has at your service a seasoned staff, ready to produce your targeted messaging."

Quality Production

Great advertising is the difference between success and failure for your marketing.

Global Verde Media has experience producing a wide range of television and radio commercials, print and direct mail, and Internet and Email advertising.

Our video team has extensive experience producing corporate, commercial, broadcast and documentary video. We can help you through the entire process—from concept to script, shooting, and editing. We also have knowledge and experience producing radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, custom-produced magazines, direct mail, live events, advanced PowerPoint and Internet advertising.

We offer a complete production process and represent highly professional producers, directors and editors. Our facility and gear are broadcast quality and industry standard.

Media Buying

Our media buying team will research, plan, negotiate and place your media. We will monitor your advertising as it runs and verify the invoices and delivery when the media is finished.

Our media services include:

  • Target media options — traditional and online.
  • Research all variety of media.
  • Plan media schedules.
  • Calculate rate efficiency.
  • Negotiate the best possible rates.
  • Place and confirm schedules.
  • Traffic all creative elements.
  • Post analysis. (media performance)

Global Verde Media’s experienced media buyers makes each advertising dollar go farther.

We place advertising in the following mediums:

  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Trade Publications
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Bus Cards
  • Catalogs and directories
  • Direct Mail (Print and Emailers)
  • Internet (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Website Banners
  • Search Engine Marketing


Multimedia is in itself a collection of things. It includes such media types as: video, audio, presentations, and web sites.

Global Verde Media offers several advantages to businesses wanting to improve presentations, web sites and events with multimedia. For audio and video, we offer full production, editing, and encoding.

Global Verde Media will get your media message onto whatever medium you wish.Here is a list of media types we currently can produce: DVD, Blu-ray, Windows Media, QuickTime, Real, PowerPoint, xbox360, PS3, H.264, logo imprintedthumbdrives with video and “print” content embedded, and other mediums may be possible. We can also assist with video conferencing and live events. We also offer duplication services for these media types. With duplication we can offer full color packaging of a variety of types including eco friendly cardboard and recycled materials, as well as full color disk labels and printing. Large or small batch duplication is not a problem, and fast after approval can be achieved.


Encoding is a process of taking audio or video and transforming for another media type.

For instance, a television ad or any video that a client wants to put on the web must be transformed, transcoded or encoded for the web. Great encoding is not a simple process and can be time consuming and confusing.

Global Verde Media uses top of the industry encoders and can build custom players for your video and audio needs.

We can encode for the following media types:

  • DVD
  • HD-DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • Windows Media
  • Real Networks
  • Quicktime
  • PowerPoint
  • CD-ROM
  • MP3
  • MP4, AVC, H.264

Direct [E]Mail

Direct marketing can be one of the most effective media tools for reaching your customers—and your goals. Global Verde Media has years of experience researching and buying mailing lists, designing direct mail pieces, and working with mailing schedules. We can also secure email lists and develop targeted email campaigns and E-Newsletters. Call us for a free consultation on your direct marketing needs.

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